Monday, 7 July 2014



Chicken with Apricot and Tea 

                                                              Chocolate and Pistachio
                                                   Teriyaki Halibut and Spring vegetables
                                                     Strawberry Panna cotta and meringue
                                                                    arrrrrrrrrr romantic.....
                                                                     My bags chair

Ting Lounge :

Go here if : You are celebrating something special - want delicious classic cuisine- love a room with a view - would like to go to the toilet in front of London.

Don't go here if: You're on a budget.

Tips: The view from the Ting lounge is better than in Ting restaurant and is more laid back, you can request the Ting restaurant menu in the lounge, so you don't miss out!
When you go to the bathroom wait for the window toilet , its pretty special. I spent a lot of time in the toilet that night. (you'll see what I mean).

2 mains
2 Desserts
1 bottle wine
2 cocktails


Food: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Value for money: 8/10 (it is worth the prices, I promise you)

This place really is a treat, but exactly that for us folk with normal wages.
Take someone special here as a surprise, it will not fail to impress, they have all the special touches of 5 star hotel service, and you don't feel out of place just because you're not in the rich bracket of custom.
The food pleasantly surprised me, just because many places with a view in London are said to be a bit crap.
My dish of chicken,tea and apricot will not be forgotten in a hurry.
Another great thing about Ting is that we wasn't rushed at all, many popular places in London have a 1.5/2 hour turn around which to be booted out your seat when you've just parted with £200.00 is a bit bloody rude in my opinion. Somehow London doesn't seem to have cottoned on to Ting. I haven't seen any write ups fro the top reviewers ... seems we're not being told my the Evening standard that this is the hottest new place to be seen,no pr machine or trendy owner to drag the celebs in. Oh well, lets keep it all to ourselves.

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