Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Asia De Cuba

Asia de cuba - St Martins lane hotel
(Morgans hotel group)

I have not been to ANY restaurant in London three times, okay maybe the local curry house but besides that I haven't been to no London restaurant has had the pleasure of my appearance as much as Asia de cuba has.

My boyfriend had been banging on about this place for some time, he has been years ago with his then company, he couldn't actually remember much of the evening but remembered that the Tuna was amazing. That was enough for me, when the opportunity finally arose I booked us a table to celebrate his birthday.

Asia de cuba has this contagious energy about it, fruity salsa music plays through the speakers and the design gives the room a warm , bright, welcoming feel. I felt more like downing cocktails and showing off my dodgy salsa moves than eating, apart from the grinding that's exactly what I did.We shared a punch bowl to begin, and let me tell ya they are not tight with the booze .So Already in love and I have yet to eat a thing.
We also had a bottle of wine of the table which made me feel really good about life. I'm already giggling and generally being a bit of an irritating tit and we are half an hour in. Yes me. Yes punch-bowl.

We ordered the taster menu , which for £60.00 each included the signature dishes of Calamari salad, Tuna with Wasabi mash, Cuban chicken and coconut rice and trio of desserts.
Very glad we went for this. Well worth it. The Calamari salad was like no salad I've ever tasted before. It comprised of  Frisse, Radicchio , Palm hearts, nuts and banana (which worked a treat), this was all generously topped with the crispy coated ,tender Calamari.
   Next came the Tuna which gave me an actual orgasm, I know that sounds gross and you may feel I'm being over the top however please do believe me, this is a true story. I actually groaned out loud as the waiter topped up my wine. It meh-ellllts in your mouth. I dream of this Tuna all the time ..... *drools*. The accompanying Wasabi mash was creamy with just the right amount of heat from the Wasabi to compliment the sex tuna.

The Cuban chicken which is cooked in coffee was almost as dreamy, with its crispy skin and tender meat the coffee is not at all overpowering , more like a char, the accompanying rice wrapped in banana leaf is fluffy as it should be and you get a nice portion of it too. I was starting to feel extremely full at this point. Making the Trio of desserts a tough ask to get in after this feast but I managed and I'm glad I did. The doughnuts deserve an award, or atleast a heavy pat on the back.

My other visits to Asia de cuba were once with a friend at lunch time... we had the lunch deal which was again all cooked to perfection, the place was empty though so missed out on the atmosphere, which you realise is a massive part of this place, like with anywhere I suppose.The other visit was a group of friends, we got really pissed, had some fantastic drinks, a huge glass dispenser of cocktail arrived, it has a pourer and sits proudly at your table side.Pouring your own drinks at the table and not having to wait even a minute is a dream come true for me.This truly is the way forward.Now maybe it was the excitement,( I find it hard to calm down and act like an adult when I'm with company) but I didn't enjoy the food as much, don't get me wrong it was all still to the same standard it was just the portions seemed smaller?!
It was like we got less on the plates as a group, as the plates are sharing (I should have mentioned that before) your server will suggest how many are needed,which we followed but we didn't really have enough. Not going to hold that against them, we could have ordered more and hey I was more concerned with my drink anyway.
Still a great night.

This is a little creepy I know, but before I finish I need to inform you that the toilets in Asia de cuba are perfect.You will start to notice after time that I have bit of a luxury toilet obsession and Asia de Cuba's up there with the best of them. I might do a top ten of London toilet's, so watch this space. Wouldn't want any one missing that.

Now for me to stop rambling and wrap this up.


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