Sunday, 13 October 2013

Londons Oldest Wine Bar

Gordons Wine Bar
47 Villiers St  City of Westminster, WC2N 6NE

I have popped my head in here many times now without actually bothering to get a drink.
 Its opposite Charing Cross station  down the street near Embankment . Its mostly full of Londoners taking their clients out in the week , you can tell by the sound of false laughter and the smell of arse kissing in the air .
 Its always heaving . They have an outside terrace which you come to before the bar entrance so you can tell how busy it is before heading inside . I have always turned back around after giving up on the prospect of one last drink and head back to Charing cross to go home. 

 It was raining on Friday night so I wasn't going to be fussy , wet bar crawls aren't the best so me and my friends settled for Gordons , we braved the crowd and squeezed our way through the masses to get to the bar. 
 The smell of Cheese was potent . The bar , oh my DIDDY DAYS . Remember GASTON from Beauty and The beast , well imagine 4 of him with various hair styles and vests sweating and you have the bar staff at Gordons that night. Wow . 
You could taste the testosterone. 

No one's been like Gaston
   A king pin like Gaston
   No one's got a swell cleft in his chin like Gaston 
  As a specimen, yes,
 I'm intimidatiting   
  My what a guy, that Gaston

Anyway .. 
The atmosphere they created was amazing , shame the stuffy customers weren't more accommodating , English aren't the best a rubbing shoulders , even if it cant be helped we still feel hard done by when others are filling our personal space, however it is slightly understandable when you're just spent a tenner on a 125ml glass of wine,  you're naturally going to give people the 'spill my wine and you will seriously know about it eyes' . 

My wine ... meh . I've had better from Wetherspoons , In all fairness I didn't choose for myself , I just said give me a french white that's nice and that's what I was given . They probably thought the amuetuer will be happy with whatever we give her. Well not really . Every wine on that list should be of a particular standard , whether its too your taste or not. 
 I LOVE wine but I'm so common with it , don't get me wrong the Jacobs Creek/Echo falls days are way behind me . I know what I like from Sainsburys . Other than that I don't actually have a clue . My rule has always been White- Chardonnay over 12.5 percent and Red -Merlot Or Tempanrillo always go down well. 
Don't Laugh. How are you supposed to remember what grapes and regions you favor when you're pissed . 
Wine tasting, Spitting is criminal . I can't bring myself to do it. 
So I need to go again , and make an informed decision on my choice of wine and maybe take a big bastad friend in there to shield me from the wine spillers . 

(Wine tip :(for home)  Put Frozen grapes in your wine if its too warm to enjoy in another words you simply cant wait the chill time and you need to get the wine in your system pronto. )

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