Wednesday, 16 October 2013


I have been going on and on and on for years telling people they do not need to wash their chicken .
I have never washed a chicken in my life , nor has my mother who fed me for most of it and quess what ... Im STILL ALIVE and I have never ever had food poisioning.

Then I did a Hygiene in Food safety course a few years back and was educated on the reason why we dont wash our Chickens .
It spreads bacteria via the water all over your kitchen . Yep. No restaurant worth its onions would allow the washing of chickens to take place in the kitchen,  infact its against regulations .

So the next time you go to wash your slimy breasts . STOP and remember you are spreading germs that will later give you the shits and youll call in sick to work and lose a days wages . THINK.

I have posted this informative and fasinating video below ...

So guys if you know someone who is washing their chickens educate them to prevent their bacteria spreading ways.

Together we can put an end to people all over the world from washing their Chickens.


  1. At Cordon Bleu, most Asian students were washing their chickens, something I had never seen before, I never wash mine. The lecturers were horrified, it contaminates the sink and everywhere around it as you rightly say!

  2. Yes people don't wash your breast's and legs or thigh's ... ... Dangerous ...

  3. Thank you Luiz and Sue . The washing of Chickens has baffled me for years.