Sunday, 3 August 2014

Bull and Bear -Waldorf Astoria - Orlando , Fl

We was taking a night off the family Disney frolics to spend time together to celebrate our anniversary in the Waldorf Astoria.

 When looking online at the menu for their restaurant Bull and Bear, I was put off by what looked like extremely high prices - not shy of paying good money for good grub but it just seemed like over the top margins for the food on offer, so anyway booked a table before we left England just in case as it appears to be very popular(Great reviews on trip advisor etc). As always I left my options open, was toying with the idea of heading to Blue Zoo .....
 On the night Bull and Bear seemed like a good option, struggled to pull myself away from the hotel to be honest, its so luscious. Really charming hotel, our suite (only a standard double was booked) must had been upgraded , GET IN.
 We was escorted to a pleasant table by the window, and got our wine ordered with the sommelier , they have one of those massive book menu's of wine that had to be tackled. Jesus christ , please just give me a tasty wine and don't suggest the one that's 90 dollars, yes , I can imagine that particular sauvingnon is extremely fantastic, but no thanks.
 For starter I had the Tuna three ways, each 'way' was pretty similar, and I found it a shame that one of them wasn't a ceviche , it came with sea paste or whatever they was calling it  - salt that was filtered and tasted like the sea, sounds fancy, tastes okay. The Tuna was very fresh and palatable just could have done with some more sass. I understand the dish is showing off the Tuna as the star but by 'way' three the Tuna was bored of itself.

 The main was something called TOMAHAWK. A big beasty piece of beef.

Look at this

This was one special piece of meat , we had the buttery mash and spinach as sides - although scrumptious who gives a shit about those.Lets talk about the Tomahawk - It was charred to perfection , pink , soft and juicy inside without being too mushy.My partner joked about eating the leftover meat off the bone, so they happily put in on his plate for him to gnaw. I was both impressed and jealous all at the same time. 
Eating off the bone in a fine dining restaurant, without any feeling of inappropriateness. Lovely stuff.  

We then had some beignets, (Doughnuts) which came with three different sauces and were a welcomed sweetness to the end of the meal, although Hunstanton sea side doughnut van doughnuts can still, to this day not be beaten. Impossible. 

VERY glad that at this stage my only mission was to get in a lift and fall into my super duper dreamy 5 star hotel bed, should really be entertaining a more sexy evening considering the occasion, but I'm just too full of Beef. Sorry. 

To conclude : This is undoubtedly a perfectly fine restaurant, attentive friendly service - at one point the waiter tells me I remind him of Jane as in 'Tarzan and Jane' I took it as a compliment although am left baffled, my partner tells me he probably says that to all the girls, I hope not.
You are made to feel welcome here, the food is good - clearly, however no WOWS from the starters which is a shame, that said nothing tasted bad at all.The quality of ingredients is evident and the chef clearly cares.
It is an expensive one, but its an occasion restaurant , a treat. Please forgive me if I'm wrong but surely the finest of dining restaurants in Orlando??

Service: 8/10
Atomsphere: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Value for money: 6.5/10

(as always sorry for the photo quality, the restaurant was very dark and my camera is very crap, if there is a camera brand out there that would like to sponsor me - send me a decent camera to promote them, please do get in touch)

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