Friday, 1 August 2014

Red Lobster - Orlando

Red Lobster - Orlando Florida

Starting to get used to the whole waiting thing in America , everything is long! The queues, the drive to anywhere, the wait at restaurants........... my patience has improved some what since being here that's for sure, bigger and better apparently ..

 The buzzer is firmly in my hand, gripping on tighter than needs be, as if some new comer is going to steal it from me and take my table, sweaty palms and everything, there are people here in this foyer that look like they would happily roll over me to get seated before me.
 I study the menu to take the pain off my current circumstance. I want everything! It all sounds so bloody brilliant, combo deal , lobster feast , shrimp combo, combo lobster , shrimp and WHATEVER ELSE YOU WANT COMBO.WOW. Menus like this in England = utter crap-*ding meals and bad ones at that!seems different here, its appear they have it sussed and are capable of providing a large selection of dishes without needing to pierce lots of film lids, bigger and better hey .....

*microwave meals


We are in.
We are seated and greeted my the happiest chappy I've ever encountered, I already know what I want please ask me.
We order drinks and starters, and along comes this amazing things called biscuits, no not as we no it my English folk , not digestives, hob nobs and custard creams.No, this is an American biscuit, more of a scone, but you know what you can call it Tracy for all I care. Its YUMMO. A soft savory scone, warm in the middle and so light -you know you could eat the whole damn basket, they taste like cheese and herbs, even that makes it sound too regular, I assure you these 'biscuits' NEED to be served a complimentary starters in England, fuck the farmhouse crusty loaf,  why are we not doing this?!
My wine is going down a treat as my starter arrives deep fried beans, and lots of them.

I devour as many of the beans as I can. Still got some room for the main. 

My Combo. 

Oh jesus shit. This picture doesnt even do it justice. The pasta on the side could have been a main dish.
The coconut prawns err SHRIMP are one of the best things I've ever put in my mouth, if you havent got a sweet tooth i'd avoid as these are in all fairness the sweetest cocount shrimp ive ever had. For me sweet and savoury is perfect. 
The pasta alfredo with Shrimp was creamy and cheesy, tasted like a cabonara, as I began to fill I couldnt help but feel a bout of guilt, if I cant finish this it means my sheer gluttony and greed has caused these poor little shrimp to be killed just to be laid dead on a bed of cheesy pasta for nothing. So I ploughed through.
 The conclusion: I'm going to shrimp hell - where ill be made to lay in cheese sauce whilst the shrimp people take their revenge and prod me with their supersize forks whilst groaning 'I'm so full, probably didnt need a combo'. hahahahahahaha . AND I WOULDNT BLAME THEM. Im sorry. 
On the plus side the fellow diners - Orlando regulars had managed to lick their plates clean, these people sure do know how to take on a combo meal. 

My mums combo. 

My nieces mac and cheese , the other one had a plate of Broccoli. Strange child. 



FOOD 9/10

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